About the Project

TheAdvocacy Paintings on Anti-Human Trafficking and Other Forms of Gender-Based Violence Against Women and Children” is a community education initiative that builds on the successes of a previously held School-on-the-Air (SOA) program on mental health and environmental conservation funded by the East-West Center.

The Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights of the University of Notre Dame has partnered with the Department of Development Communication (DDC) at the Visayas State University in launching this project that will raise local awareness against human trafficking.

The Klau Center is based at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, United States with the mission of promoting civil and human rights through academic programs, research, and curricular development, and by launching different initiatives and public events.

The unique thing about this project is the incorporation of a painting competition as a way of measuring participants’ understanding of human trafficking after their exposure to regular online lecture sessions that can
be reviewed via a dedicated Youtube channel.